Guaranteed Rent in Cardiff

Cardiff landlords benefit from our long-term guaranteed rent agreement, ensuring no voids, rent arrears, or agency fees. At EasierManagement, we guarantee a minimum fair market value for your rentals, ensuring a reliable income in Cardiff.

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Do you have rental properties in Cardiff?

Even in the event of tenant delays or void periods, landlords in Cardiff can rely on our Guaranteed Rent service to provide a steady monthly income.

Unlike other property companies, EasierManagement pays rent on your properties in Cardiff at or above fair market value, and then we rent them out as Airbnb or short-term lets.

Throughout the tenancy, we keep your property immaculate and take care of any maintenance issues within 24 hours, so you, as the landlord, can be assured of a hassle-free and cost-effective experience.

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What is guaranteed rent in Cardiff?

Local landlords in Cardiff can relax knowing that their monthly rental income will be paid in whole and on time, even in the event of late tenant payments or void periods, thanks to our Guaranteed Rent service. 

Unlike other property companies, EasierManagement will pay you rent on your Cardiff properties at fair market value or more, after which we can use the property for either Short-Term Let/Airbnb or HMO.

From the beginning to the end of the rental, your property will be maintained immaculately, and any maintenance issues will be handled by EasierManagement within 24 hours, saving you, the landlord, both trouble and money.

Guaranteed Rent (Rent to Rent) FAQs

How does Cardiff’s guaranteed rent sum stack up against going rates in the local market?

A comprehensive market analysis unique to Cardiff City is used to calculate the guaranteed rent amount. 

Although the rates may not be as high as they were at the pinnacle of the market, landlords seeking stability and the benefit of a steady guaranteed income find it to be a compelling choice.

What are the procedures if my Cardiff property needs immediate repairs while under a guaranteed rent agreement?

Should your Cardiff property require immediate repairs, our team, the management company in charge of the guaranteed rent programme, usually takes care of things immediately.

To keep the property in good condition, we utilise the budget set aside from the rental income to pay for any required repairs. 

This frees landlords from having to plan and pay for necessary repairs on their own.

Can I participate in a Cardiff guaranteed rent programme for short-term rentals like vacation homes or holiday homes?

It is possible to customise guaranteed rent programmes for Cardiff short-term rentals, such as vacation homes or holiday houses. 

As a property management company, we focus on overseeing short-term rentals and provide rent agreements with guaranteed rent, ensuring landlords receive a steady income despite fluctuations in tourism throughout the year.

Can I participate in a Cardiff guaranteed rent programme for HMOs (House of multiple occupants)

Yes, it is possible, too! We offer guaranteed rent packages for HMO properties, too.

What is the process for collecting utility and council tax payments from tenants under Cardiff’s guaranteed rent schemes?

As part of our all-inclusive property management services, EasierManagement, a Cardiff management company, will handle tenant payments for utilities and council tax.

Landlords are free to concentrate on collecting their guaranteed rental income rather than worrying about utilities and council bill management.

Is it possible for me to take part in a guaranteed rent programme for several properties in various Cardiff areas?

Certainly! Landlords owning a portfolio or multiple properties across various areas of Cardiff often qualify to participate in programs that ensure guaranteed rent for each property. 

Property management companies like ours specialising in handling multiple assets can tailor specific strategies for each location, ensuring landlords a steady income across their entire portfolio within the city.

Is the Guaranteed Rent programme the right choice for me?

There are numerous benefits to Guaranteed Rent for landlords in Cardiff. Join our EasierManaement guaranteed rental service to take advantage of:

Guaranteed Rental income

Enjoy a guaranteed monthly income, consistently delivered month after month! You get paid even if the property is vacant or tenants are not paying their rent.

Long-term contracts

Recognising the significance of time as our most precious resource, we provide extended agreements anywhere from 3 to 5 years or beyond, allowing you to reclaim your time for other passions or quality moments with your dear ones.

We cover maintenance costs and all tenant queries

EasierManagement takes care of minor maintenance concerns and wear and tear costs, providing our landlords with a truly “hands-off” experience. Moreover, we manage all tenant communications and promptly address any concerns or complaints.

Free cosmetic upgrades

If needed, our skilled team will perform a complimentary cosmetic upgrade on your property to raise it to a higher standard. And the best part? It won’t cost you anything!

ZERO cost to you

Under the guaranteed rent, we charge NO initial setup fees, NO ongoing commissions, and absolutely NO sneaky hidden charges or mark-ups

Property in top-notch condition

At EasierManagement, we conduct regular, thorough property inspections to ensure everything is in its proper place. Our dedicated professional cleaning team also ensures your property maintains its pristine condition by performing regular cleaning sessions.

What type of properties work best for Guaranteed Rent in Cardiff?

Properties of all types qualify for Guaranteed Rent. An offer will be tailored based on the property’s location and condition, whether a one-bedroom flat in Cardiff City Centre or a six-bedroom townhouse/HMO.

The most desirable properties, commanding the highest bids, typically boast excellent finishing, parking, outdoor space, and a sought-after location.

Rest assured, if your property doesn’t align with the above criteria, it’s not a cause for concern! Your property doesn’t need to be in pristine decorative condition as we can provide guidance on necessary improvements and aid in renovations to bring your Bristol property up to our standards in the most cost-effective manner.

In some instances, we may even undertake the cost of refurbishing your property ourselves.

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